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about me.

I'm Leah Michelle, a self proclaimed creative, born and raised in sunny Florida. In my "real" life I am a corporate and social event designer, but my love and energy goes into creating beautiful art for the everyday and details for the big moments in life.  I enjoy working with mediums of all forms: from photography to pen and ink, and watercolor to oil paint. There's always something new created in the Ivory Penguin studio. We operate out of Jacksonville, Florida but will ship throughout the country.

My life obsessions include: beach days and the feeling of warm sun on my skin; tattoos (I have 9!); live music; cuddles with floppy eared hound dogs; Miami Hurricanes football; Converse sneakers; and of  course my lifeline: ice cold Coca-Cola (fountain only please!).



Looking for custom art pieces or calligraphy services? We'd love to hear from you! Contact Ivory Penguin and we'll get back to you.

Tel: 904-525-0689

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